Neuropsychological Evaluation

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Neuropsychological Evaluation

Our goal for each patient is to use science-based evaluations to determine each individual’s unique processing capacities and functional competencies. One of the primary ways that we accomplish this goal is through a neuropsychological evaluation. A typical neuropsychological evaluation includes an interview with one of the doctors followed by a variety of cognitive and behavioral tests. These tests assess how your brain functions, including attention, executive functioning, memory, visual processing, and language skills, and this in turn allows your doctor to provide customized and streamlined solutions for treatment. Neuropsychological evaluations not only assess for areas of cognitive or psychological concern, but they can also:

  • Monitor change in cognitive functioning over time
  • Provide both general and detailed information about brain health and/or risk for decline
  • Inform treatment
  • Provide specific plans for preserving/enhancing cognitive wellness or improving work, school, social functioning, or life decisions.

Children & Adolescents

If your child is struggling – academically, socially, or behaviorally – you may want to consider bringing them to see our experts for an evaluation. A neuropsychological exam looks at a wide range of brain functions and skills to determine what might be affecting learning or behavior. The main goal is to find out why your child is experiencing difficulty and/or not performing to their potential and then to provide a targeted treatment plan.

During the evaluation, our experts speak with the parents, child, and other requested sources to best understand the individual’s psychiatric, neurologic, academic, and medical history. Then, we conduct several examinations to determine the root cause of any difficulties they may be having. We utilize a tailored battery of measures to determine if your child has a learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, attention disorder, depression/anxiety, etc. It’s important to remember that these findings can help provide your family with insight and support to promote your child’s progress and optimize their functioning.


Our experts provide a variety of adult assessment options that range from brief screenings requiring only one appointment to more comprehensive evaluations that may involve several sessions depending on the patient’s needs. For instance, brief screenings can be helpful to establish a cognitive baseline, determine cognitive dysfunction, and monitor change in thinking, mood, or personality over time. Comprehensive evaluations may identify or clarify a diagnosis, determine the level of cognitive functioning as it relates to daily living, and provide customized treatment plans. Neuropsychological evaluations can help you understand how to improve your life at home, at school, or at work. Our evaluations create a guide to start the right course of action for your individual needs.

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